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Wall collapse at construction site leads to criminal charges

New York residents who work in the construction industry put their lives at risk every day that they show up for work. With that in mind, workers should be able to rely on the honesty and goodwill of their employers to follow safety regulations and provide them with appropriate direction and materials in order to protect their safety while working. Sadly, this does not always happen.

Injuries from unseen dangers

When you work on a New York construction site, safety is a top priority. However, accidents can easily occur, and those which result from falling into a hole on the site can have serious ramifications. At Smiley and Smiley, LLP, we understand that these injuries can have a far-reaching effect on your life.

Is your job exposing you to lead?

There are some New Yorkers who believe lead poisoning is a concern of the past. However, if you work in the construction industry, you may know that this is not the case. In fact, you might even be concerned that your job is overexposing you to the toxic metal. This is why it is vital to understand how lead exposure may affect you.

Materials handling injury: a prevalent, but preventable problem

The construction industry is essential to the New York economy, as it employs thousands of people. Unfortunately, in some situations, workers find themselves retiring early due to injuries. One such injury that may end a construction career is trauma resulting from materials handling.

Protecting temporary workers in the construction industry

The nature of construction work is such that temporary workers may be exposed to a number of dangerous situations. However, the question may arise as to who is responsible for ensuring worker safety. Safety+Health magazine explains that in order to help make a worksite environment safer, both the employer and the supplying agency should continuously work together to provide proper training when and where necessary.

What are NY motorists expected to do around road construction?

When people think of construction projects in New York, they often think of the work that is constantly being done to build and maintain buildings in the city. However, many construction projects are happening right here on the ground.

Scaffolding requirements in place to prevent accidents

On many jobsites across New York City, you will likely see a temporary, skeletal structure inside or outside a building under construction. This is scaffolding and if you do not work in the construction industry, you may not know much about it besides what it looks like.

Know your rights if you've been injured on a NY construction site

Some of the most common and catastrophic injuries on any construction site in the city are those involving falls. This includes falls from heights or being struck by falling objects. In either of these situations, the victim of the accident can suffer serious head, back, brain and neck injuries that could ultimately be fatal or life altering.

More regulations put in place to prevent crane accidents in NY

Construction work is unavoidable in a city like New York. There is a lot to build, demolish and repair and this work often creates at least some amount of street-level chaos and confusion, even when the work is being completed far above the street.

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