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How can you protect yourself against a misdiagnosis?

In New York, you have access to some of the best physicians in the country. However, when you become a patient, you may be faced with a situation where you are at risk for a misdiagnosis of an ailment. As such, it is vital to know the steps you can take to protect yourself against misdiagnoses.

Understanding common birth injuries: part II

When New York parents are expecting, it may be beneficial for them to understand the risks that are involved in the childbirth process. As was mentioned in last week’s post, there is a possibility that a baby who sustains trauma during delivery may develop cerebral palsy. This is actually not the only problem that may emerge. An injured newborn may also be at risk for a condition called neonatal brachial plexus palsy, also known as Erb’s Palsy. 

Understanding common birth injuries: part I

When you are expecting a child, you assume that the care you are receiving from your New York medical team is in the best interest of you and your baby. Unfortunately, in some situations, a birth injury can occur, and it is hard to fathom how it could have possibly happened. At Smiley and Smiley, we understand that the repercussions of birth traumas can be devastating, which is why we have helped many parents work through the aftermaths.

Is your job exposing you to lead?

There are some New Yorkers who believe lead poisoning is a concern of the past. However, if you work in the construction industry, you may know that this is not the case. In fact, you might even be concerned that your job is overexposing you to the toxic metal. This is why it is vital to understand how lead exposure may affect you.

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