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Recognizing and reducing the cost of traumatic brain injuries

Many New Yorkers might find themselves involved in serious car accidents. Sadly, becoming the victim of a vehicle collision can result in brain injuries that have long-lasting effects. These traumatic brain injuries are costly for both the victims and society in general. While preventing a TBI-causing car crash is not always possible, there may still be the potential for lessening the negative results of its aftermath.

What is the concern over New York's hit-and-run laws?

Due to the many hit-and-run collisions that have recently transpired around New York City, many safety advocates and government officials have become gravely concerned. The overarching opinion: There may not be enough protections in place that safeguard you and other citizens against hit-and-run drivers.

Materials handling injury: a prevalent, but preventable problem

The construction industry is essential to the New York economy, as it employs thousands of people. Unfortunately, in some situations, workers find themselves retiring early due to injuries. One such injury that may end a construction career is trauma resulting from materials handling.

Moving into unchartered territory with self-driving cars

In New York and elsewhere, government agencies and safety advocates continuously work to protect the lives of citizens during road travel. This includes monitoring and regulating the various means of transportation available to people. A new technology that may change the industry drastically is the self-driving vehicle. As such, there has been much discussion as to how highly automated vehicles are going to affect driver safety.

Medication mistakes: a common diagnostic error

New York physicians have many different kinds of treatments at their disposal. In some situations, diagnostic errors may occur and cause serious injury to patients. One of the most common mistakes involves the prescription and administration of medications. But, there are steps people can take to help prevent these adverse drug events.

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