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Understanding the responsibility of landlords to protect tenants

While occupying rental properties, New York tenants are afforded certain protections when it comes to safety. To be safeguarded against potentially dangerous situations that may be the result of a negligent landlord, tenants should familiarize themselves with their rights.

Protecting temporary workers in the construction industry

The nature of construction work is such that temporary workers may be exposed to a number of dangerous situations. However, the question may arise as to who is responsible for ensuring worker safety. Safety+Health magazine explains that in order to help make a worksite environment safer, both the employer and the supplying agency should continuously work together to provide proper training when and where necessary.

Tips for sharing the road with large tractor trailers

It is not rare to come across a commercial vehicle when traveling on New York's streets and highways. Unfortunately, hazardous situations may occur when drivers of passenger vehicles do not understand how to share the road with these big rigs. Following a few tips may significantly reduce the chances of a serious accident involving a tractor trailer.

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