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Scaffolding requirements in place to prevent accidents

On many jobsites across New York City, you will likely see a temporary, skeletal structure inside or outside a building under construction. This is scaffolding and if you do not work in the construction industry, you may not know much about it besides what it looks like.

Parents: Beware of back-to-school hazards for kids

When kids start a new school year, parents can feel a mix of relief and concern. It's nice when they are back in school, but parents can be worried about things like a child's safety. After all, when kids are out of our sight, we can't always know that they are away from a dangerous situation.

Know your rights if you've been injured on a NY construction site

Some of the most common and catastrophic injuries on any construction site in the city are those involving falls. This includes falls from heights or being struck by falling objects. In either of these situations, the victim of the accident can suffer serious head, back, brain and neck injuries that could ultimately be fatal or life altering.

Yes, drowsy driving is a problem, but what can be done about it?

There are more than 83 million sleep-deprived drivers on the road every day. That's a troubling statistic. However, more troubling than that is the fact that these drivers are causing more and more accidents in New York and across the country.

Making good care decisions starts with getting good information

We as patients often trust the advice and recommendations of our doctors when it comes to ways to get and/or stay healthy. After all, doctors have the training, education and experience we don't. However, ultimately, care decisions are left up to patients, so it is critical that we are given accurate, relevant information for the options in front of us.

Injuries to non-citizens and non-residents of NYC: Part I

New York City is a bastion of tourism, and millions of people from across the country and around the world make the pilgrimage to visit each year. There really is something here for everyone, from Broadway shows and world-class dining to high-end shopping and renowned museums and galleries.

More regulations put in place to prevent crane accidents in NY

Construction work is unavoidable in a city like New York. There is a lot to build, demolish and repair and this work often creates at least some amount of street-level chaos and confusion, even when the work is being completed far above the street.

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