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Holding hit-and-run drivers accountable is critical

Every time any of us gets behind the wheel of a car, we have an obligation to drive safely and obey the rules of the road. This means being properly licensed and insured, stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks and making sure we are not impaired by alcohol, distraction or fatigue.

How personal relationships can affect personal injury claims

When we read or hear about people who suffer serious injuries on someone else's property, the stories often involve the injured party and a property owner that don't necessarily know each other. This can make it a little easier to be more objective when it comes to protecting yourself and your rights as an injured victim.

Trying to 'catch 'em all' putting pedestrians in harm's way

We read numerous articles, opinion pieces and studies about the dangers of being distracted by our phones when we drive. In fact, every driver in New York should know that using handheld phones to talk or text is not only dangerous in this state, it's illegal.

New York motor vehicle accidents: Several killed in head-on crash

On the evening of July 4, New York police were called to the scene of a tragic accident in Middle Island. A total of four people are said to have been killed in a two-vehicle car wreck, including the driver believed responsible. Only two individuals -- a mother and her infant -- survived. When the drivers believed responsible for motor vehicle accidents fail to survive, victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members may feel they have little hope in achieving compensation for their losses. However, according to the laws of the state, damages may still be recovered through successful litigation.

Questions of liability raised after IKEA announces recall

Readers of this blog may have recently read about the recall issued by IKEA. According to reports, a line of their dressers was recalled after a third child died when the dresser toppled over. The most recent incident raises the number of fatalities caused by toppling IKEA furniture to six and the number of injuries to 36.

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