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Hospital cleanliness and medical malpractice claims

People's health depends a great deal on cleanliness. After all, we learn from a young age to do things like wash our hands, cover our coughs and avoid passing on germs. The goal is to stay healthy and protect our immune systems.

When and if we do get sick, we typically go to the doctor, get some medicine and hopefully get back on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, if a doctor or hospital is not following their own cleanliness procedures, you might get sicker and develop infections that could have been prevented.

Below are some of the more common sources of healthcare-acquired infections, as discussed in more depth in this World Health Organization article.

  • Hospital workers' failure to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly
  • Missing or improper use of masks, gloves and/or gowns
  • Failure to sanitize reusable equipment
  • Reusing equipment that is not intended to be used more than once
  • Use of soiled or improperly cleaned linens in hospital rooms
  • Failure to isolate patients with contagious conditions
  • Non-compliance with practices for using and sterilizing needles, scalpels and other instruments

These are all examples of ways that hospitals and workers violate standard cleanliness practices and procedures, and they can all lead to the spread of serious infections. This can be especially harmful to patients with compromised immune systems.

If you have gotten sick or lost a loved one due to an illness or infection contracted in the hospital, you may have grounds to file a legal claim against the facility or a specific worker. Failure to comply with basic, established care practices can be a sign of negligence or recklessness, and you deserve to be compensated if you suffered the consequences of these improper and harmful actions.

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