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Challenges arise in the aftermath of multi-car crashes

When people think about car accidents, they often imagine one car hitting another car. In these situations, it can be fairly easy to determine who was at fault. For instance, one drive might have run a red light, or someone could have been driving drunk.

However, when the number of cars and the number of drivers involved in a crash increases, it can be incredibly complicated to sort out the details of the accident and establish liability. Unfortunately, multi-car crashes are not uncommon in New York, which is why it can be helpful to be prepared for some of the challenges that arise in these situations.

To begin with, you should be prepared to wait for questions to be answered. After multi-car crashes, numerous parties can be involved, from police and witnesses to accident reconstructions. Further, each party involved has insurance companies to notify, attorneys to consult and doctors to visit. Taking the information from all these parties to figure out what happened and who is to blame can be tedious and overwhelming.

Another challenge comes in identifying liability. In multi-car crashes, there may be one cause of the initial crash, but other drivers and factors can be to blame for subsequent collisions. For instance, a 10-car accident on Staten Island recently stemmed from a minor accident caused by an elderly driver. Investigators are still determining whether other factors contributed to the pileup that took place after that initial crash.

Finally, as is the case after any crash, it can be a challenge to calculate the damages you have suffered. Not only are there medical bills and property repair costs to add up, but you also need to consider the emotional distress you have experienced, the wages you have lost if you missed work and other damages. In some cases, one party is responsible for all damages resulting from a crash; in other cases, multiple parties share liability.

Considering all the elements and challenges that you have to deal with in the aftermath of a multi-car crash, it is crucial that you have legal support. A personal injury attorney can help you protect your rights, identify the liable parties and pursue maximum compensation.

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