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Pacifier clips recalled as defective product for choking risk

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Oct 6, 2015 7:54:08 PM

Faulty products can present a number of problems at varying magnitudes. Most companies will attempt to recall products when they become aware of an issue, but it is often too late by the time that recall is issued. This may be true for one of the nation's latest recalls regarding a defective product that can adversely impact the lives of many New York residents, especially those who are parents or take care of an infant who uses a pacifier.

Chewbeads has recently issued a recall for over 50,000 of its pacifier clips. Apparently, there is a risk of children choking when part of the product breaks. When the "D" ring breaks, it results in detaching beads, which children can pick up, put in their mouths and choke on.

So far, the company has received at least seven reports of the ring breaking and beads detaching. Luckily, there have been no reported injuries. Consumers have been directed to stop using the pacifier clips and to get in touch with Chewbeads Inc., to receive a refund or a replacement clip at no cost. The pacifier clips were sold at small retail stores and Buy Buy Baby beginning September 2014 until June 2015.

When individuals feel as if they have been affected in any way by a defective product, whether a pacifier clip, food or something else entirely, they may want to examine their rights under applicable New York state laws. When an individual purchases a product, he or she is making that purchase under the assumed belief that the product is safe and effective. When the product fails to meet that expectation and potentially causes an injury, the individual may have the right to pursue legal action in civil court against the manufacturer. It may be possible to recover financial restitution for any injuries suffered.

Source:, "Recall: Chewbeads Baby pacifier clips", Sept. 30, 2015

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