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Teenager suffers fatal injuries after drowning at public beach

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Sep 24, 2015 10:06:07 PM

In a state other than New York, a woman and her teenage son were at their local pier and beach, which is owned and operated by the city where they lived. The area has lifeguards on duty to help prevent drowning-related injuries. The lifeguards apparently left their posts and failed to provide any warning to anyone swimming in the area before doing so. While the lifeguards were away, the woman's allegedly 17-year-old son drowned.

The mother alleges that the owners were negligent in ensuring that the public was aware that lifeguards were leaving and would no longer be on duty. She also claims that the owners were negligent in failing to require swimmers to get out of the water until the lifeguards returned. The lawsuit asserts other negligent omissions and acts as well.

When an injury or death like this one in Chicago occurs, emotions run high. When a fatality occurs, the victim's family may seek justice. One form of justice is a successfully navigated premises liability claim for wrongful death against those parties deemed to have been at fault.

Litigation may be a way for a deceased victim's family to move forward with their lives, especially when the lawsuit is successful. The same would be true of similar tragedies resulting in fatal injuries that occur in New York. Those facing these issues typically turn to an experienced premises liability attorney to assess the validity of a claim and to help pursue financial relief from those responsible for the death.

Source:, "Chicago Park District sued over claims of negligence following minor's drowning in Lake Michigan", Robbie Hargett, Sept. 16, 2015

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