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Construction worker killed in Manhattan elevator fall

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Sep 4, 2015 6:23:04 PM

Another New York construction worker lost his life in what appears to be an accident resulting from an unsafe jobsite. Late last month, a 30-year-old worker fell 30 feet when a platform in an elevator shaft gave way.

When rescue workers arrived at the scene they found the worker unconscious and unresponsive at the bottom of the elevator shaft. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The accident took place in a Midtown Manhattan building that is under construction. The New York Times reported that the construction company that had been issued a permit for work on the building had been cited in March for allowing a worker climb 15-to-20 feet off the ground on a rebarred wall without a safety harness harness. 

The company was hit with a $12,000 fine along with the citation, the Times reported.

After the fatal accident late last month, a full work stop order was put into place so that officials could make sure that no other workers were in danger.

Construction accidents are all too common in New York. Falls, crane accidents, falling objects and demolition mishaps can all leave construction workers seriously injured or worse. This is especially true when the proper safety precautions are not taken at job sites.

After a serious accident has occurred, workers and their families may not know where to turn for advice on how to get compensation for medical expenses and other losses. In many situations, workers’ compensation just doesn’t cut it.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can explore other options for pursuing damages after preventable construction accidents occur. For example, sometimes third parties such as property owners or equipment owners can be liable for damages.

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