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Teenager suffers fatal injuries after drowning at public beach

In a state other than New York, a woman and her teenage son were at their local pier and beach, which is owned and operated by the city where they lived. The area has lifeguards on duty to help prevent drowning-related injuries. The lifeguards apparently left their posts and failed to provide any warning to anyone swimming in the area before doing so. While the lifeguards were away, the woman's allegedly 17-year-old son drowned.

New York motor vehicle accidents: 2 hurt, 1 dead on Long Island

When a car crashes into a house, the prognosis for the occupants of the car is not great. The hope is that no one in the house was near the site of the collision. Motor vehicle accidents occur every day here in New York and throughout the country, though few of them involve a collision with a private residence. Unfortunately, a driver recently lost control of his car on Long Island and ended up crashing into a neighborhood home in West Babylon. Tragically, two passengers suffered severe injuries, and a teenage girl lost her life. 

College student files medical malpractice claim

It is not uncommon for university students in New York and elsewhere to seek medical help at urgent care facilities when they become ill or injured on campus. Medical malpractice becomes an issue if a patient has been treated with substandard care that has resulted in injury or illness. In worst cases, some patients have died as a result of negligent medical care.

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