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Woman suffers injuries after triping on pallet, files lawsuit

As a general rule, a slip, trip or fall at a New York business is typically due to the negligence of the property owner. When injuries follow such an incident, the victim can often be compensated via the store's business liability insurance. However, when this does not pan out, victims may be able to file a legal claim in civil court, which is exactly what one woman from another state has done for the injuries she suffered due to the store's alleged negligence.

OxyTOTE portable oxygen units onsidered defective product

OxyTOTE Portable Oxygen Units are being recalled due to certain safety concerns. They are used in New York and throughout the world to regulate a patient's breathing in clinics, hospitals and even nursing homes. Reportedly, this apparent defective product could ignite when handled improperly or accidentally dropped. This can cause an internal flash fire, causing the canister to burst.

Motor vehicle accidents can often claim multiple lives

Single- and two-vehicle accidents can result in some serious injuries, and even fatalities in extreme cases. However, motor vehicle accidents that involve multiple vehicles are much more likely to be laden with life-changing consequences for the victims and their families. A four-vehicle collision in New York has recently resulted in eight individuals being sent to the hospital and three individuals losing their lives.

Medical malpractice suit filed after alleged surgical error

When New York residents go to the hospital because they are in pain, they expect to be treated quickly and properly. They expect doctors to conduct full examinations to the extent that is necessary to obtain proper diagnoses. It is then expected that the doctors and the hospital will provide the necessary treatments for their conditions. Unfortunately, this does not always occur and can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit, as it has in another state.

Girl suffers injuries after shelf falls on her head at Gamestop

When a consumer enters into a commercial property in New York, he or she has a reasonable expectation to not get injured. Property owners are responsible for preserving a safe environment for their customers. When they fail to do this, it opens up the risk of consumer injuries and then the potential for a premises liability lawsuit. This is exactly what happened in an out-of-state incident from 2013 that has now resulted in the filing of a legal claim.

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