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1 of New York's recent motor vehicle accidents caused by a bear

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Jul 28, 2015 6:30:20 PM

New York drivers assume a certain level of risk every time they get behind the wheel. Motor vehicle accidents occur every single day for one reason or another. Recently, a three-vehicle crash occurred as a result of something somewhat shocking: a relatively large black bear.

According to New York authorities, a man was driving his Jeep Cherokee along on Interstate 86 when the bear crossed into the highway. The driver struck the bear with his SUV, which resulted in the bear's death. However, as a result of the dead bear in the road, a woman driving a Honda Civic had to swerve and try to miss it. Unfortunately, when she did this, she ended up striking a motorcycle.

The male driver of the motorcycle suffered several fractures and internal injuries as a result of the impact. He later succumbed to his injuries. The other two drivers were taken to the hospital, with at least one of them being treated for non-life threatening injuries. There was no information related to the injuries, if any, of the other driver who first struck the bear. An investigation is being conducted in this accident, and no citations have been formally issued.

While one cannot file a lawsuit against a wild bear, if the bear belongs to local zoo or actually has an owner, a lawsuit may be a viable option. Zookeepers, whether acting individually or as employees of large zoo parks, are expected to keep their animals safe and secure so that they cannot harm themselves or the public. When keepers fail to do so, New York victims may be able to hold them liable for their recklessness and seek monetary damages for the harm caused and financial expenses related to motor vehicle accidents incurred as a result of their negligence.

Source:, "Black Bear Causes Three-Car Accident on Interstate 86 in New York, One Dead", Trixie Dillwood, July 27, 2015

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