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New York's 'Scaffold Law' and how it affects construction workers

If you had to guess, how many construction workers do you think work on scaffolding, and how often do you think they have to be up on those metal structures? Would you guess 30 percent of construction workers? 40 percent? Those seem like reasonable guesses, right?

1 of New York's recent motor vehicle accidents caused by a bear

New York drivers assume a certain level of risk every time they get behind the wheel. Motor vehicle accidents occur every single day for one reason or another. Recently, a three-vehicle crash occurred as a result of something somewhat shocking: a relatively large black bear.

Sick doctors just keep going to work. Wait, what?

Let's say that you are lying down on a hospital bed after a minor medical emergency. It turns out there isn't anything catastrophically wrong with you, but there are some concerns going forward that you will have to monitor on a regular basis. This is good news, and you're ecstatic that this wasn't a more significant issue.

When it may be time to put down the scalpel

There are many obvious advantages to having older employees in practically any work environment. With age comes experience and experience often leads to efficient and effective workplace operations. However, there are times when age leads to physical and/or mental challenges that make working in certain capacities dangerous.

Understanding the basics of informed consent

Understanding the concept of informed consent is important for a host of reasons. Nearly every patient who undergoes surgery or medical treatment is asked to sign an informed consent form before physicians move forward with care. Although many patients understandably gloss over informed consent forms, these legal documents are critically important and should be considered carefully.

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