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Manhattan the scene of yet another tragic construction accident

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on May 8, 2015 4:50:00 PM

Exactly two weeks ago, Manhattan was the scene of a truly horrific construction accident involving a crane attached to a flatbed truck. While the results of the investigation by the Department of Buildings are still pending, it is believed that the hydraulics on the flatbed somehow malfunctioned, fatally pinning a worker to the ground.

While you would prefer to think that accidents like these are exceedingly rare in the construction industry, this is unfortunately not the case. In fact, Manhattan was the scene of yet another fatal construction accident earlier this week.

According to reports, two construction workers were busy installing elevator doorframes at the site of what is going to be the RIU-Hotel Times Square this past Tuesday afternoon when the car in which they were riding came to a sudden halt several feet above the landing for the 24th floor.

While one worker was able to jump safely to the landing the five feet below, his co-worker lost his balance while attempting to jump and fell 24 stories down the elevator shaft.

In the immediate aftermath of this fatal accident, Buildings Department officials issued a stop work order, as well as a Class 1 violation to the elevator subcontractor its failure to provide the necessary safety measures.

It's worth noting that this isn’t the first incident at the Times Square site. Construction was halted in July 2013 after a worker fell three stories and suffered serious injuries. A subsequent investigation uncovered unsafe conditions, including unguarded floor openings.

Construction was also halted twice in 2014 for unsafe conditions, including unstable scaffolding.

Incidents like these only serve to reaffirm just how dangerous working in the construction industry can be. Indeed, it's imperative that construction workers who suffer serious and debilitating injuries on the job that can be attributed to the negligence of a third party to always remember that they do have options for securing the justice and peace of mind they deserve.

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