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Why even a common IV is a matter of patient safety

It is the unfortunate truth that even the simplest medical procedures can pose a risk to patient safety if they are not approached correctly. Certainly, a staggering number of patients experience harm only after a surgeon missteps during a complex procedure or a physician incorrectly diagnoses a patient’s medical condition. However, others experience harm “simply” by being given the incorrect medication or having a piece of their medical records misplaced.

The urgency of ensuring herbal supplement safety

Many of our readers are likely familiar with the recent agreement reached between GNC and the New York State attorney general. This agreement will essentially ensure that New York consumers who shop at GNC will be better protected against fraudulent herbal supplements than these consumers have been in the past.

Understanding the concept of settling out of court

Americans seem to be fascinated by certain aspects of the law. Movies, books and television all regularly depict heated courtroom battles aimed at ensuring that justice is fully served. It would likely surprise many Americans to learn that most legal disputes are not finalized by a jury verdict. The majority of legal cases which are filed are ultimately settled out of court.

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