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Preparing for a free personal injury consultation

Have you ever heard attorneys advertise for their services on the television or radio? Advertisements by a host of personal injury attorneys tend to include the phrase, "Contact us for a free personal injury consultation." These advertisements may have inspired you to wonder what a free personal injury consultation is and how it works. Understanding this process is key when you find yourself in need of an attorney.

Regulators to modify auto safety star ratings

When purchasing a new or used vehicle, do you do research before you make your final selection? Chances are that you do a substantial amount of research before purchasing a car or truck because a motor vehicle is a substantial purchase. Not only do you want a vehicle that meets your needs and looks nice, you likely want a vehicle that is as safe as possible within your price range.

Work with an experienced attorney in cases of premises liability

Premises liability is something that can come up in a wide variety of settings and can involve some rather serious injuries. Those who suffer serious injury or loss because of the negligence of a homeowner or business owner, of course, have the right to recover damages for medical costs and other losses.

Regulations governing biologics are evolving rapidly

The science of medicine is constantly evolving. Sometimes areas of this particular science evolve more rapidly at others. Currently, the science of medications is evolving at a rapid pace. One of the most significant developments to occur in medication-related science over the past several years is the prevalence of biologic drugs in the marketplace.

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