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Consumers, beware of buying products on Craigslist

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Dec 23, 2014 5:46:01 PM

Last month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission challenged popular consumer website Craigslist to better ensure the safety of the site’s users. This challenge was issued after ABC News investigated the site’s operations and determined that many of the consumer products sold on Craigslist leave consumers vulnerable to injury. Specifically, the site is often used to sell products that have been recalled due to various potential hazards.

We frequently write about the fact that dangerous or defective products can be significantly harmful. When consumers unwittingly purchase recalled products on Craigslist, they place themselves and their loved ones at risk. The CPSC especially challenged Craigslist to make its site safer in regards to products purchased on behalf of children and infants, partially because they are especially vulnerable to the hazards of products they might not understand are dangerous.

Regulation of a site like Craigslist is complex. At this time, the CPSC has simply issued a challenge to Craigslist, one which the company is not under any obligation to meet. However, at some point federal regulators may determine that it needs to exercise additional authority over Craigslist and sites like it.

Until such time, it is important for consumers to be careful when purchasing products off of Craigslist. Make sure to search for the products you intend to buy in order to ensure that they have not been recalled in the past. By exercising this kind of effort in advance, you may be able to spare yourself and your loved ones harm and heartache.

Source: Inquisitr, “Craigslist Sells Dangerous Products, Investigation Reveals — CPSC Urges Company To ‘Step Up’,” Nov. 24, 2014

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