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The many ways customers can get hurt in New York City restaurants

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Nov 25, 2014 4:36:59 PM

There are a million things to do in New York City, and at least half of them involve eating. The city is home to a staggering number of restaurants, big and small, expensive and cheap, catering to every taste imaginable. Food trucks and vendor carts help satisfy the hunger of pedestrians who don’t have time to stop and eat.

Many of the city’s restaurants are small yet busy enough that customers often have just enough room to sit down. Because of the confined spaces and bustling atmosphere, restaurant injuries are a common problem.

Most of us remember the notorious “hot coffee” lawsuit against McDonald’s in the early 1990s. But hot food and drink accidents happen more often than many may realize. In New York City restaurants, customers are regularly injured by hot food or drink spilled on them by a passing waiter or another customer. Burns and scalding injuries can be severe, especially with very hot liquids like coffee.

Restaurants and cafes are also notorious for slick floors that lead to slip-and-fall injuries. In some cases, food or drink spilled on the floor is not cleaned up in a timely fashion and becomes a slipping hazard. In other cases, employees who have just mopped the floor fail to put up cautionary “wet floor” signs.

Finally, restaurant injuries frequently occur because owners and managers fail to maintain areas in front of the building or the hallways and stairways leading to restrooms. Now that winter is here, restaurant owners have a responsibility to make sure that sidewalks in front of their buildings are free from ice and snow. They should also be salted, when appropriate.

When customers leave the main dining area to visit the restroom, they often end up walking through poorly lit hallways or steep staircases without hand railings. Conditions like this are an accident waiting to happen.

The attorneys at Smiley & Smiley understand the dangers that customers face at New York City restaurants, coffee shops and similar retail establishments. We can examine every aspect of your accident to determine if the business owner is liable due to dangers on the property or other forms of negligence. To learn more, please visit the New York restaurant injury page on our website.

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