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If your child suffers harm while at day care

Posted by Smiley & Smiley on Sep 16, 2014 2:15:28 PM

There is likely no one more precious to you than your child. If your child is very young, you likely struggle from time to time with letting him or her out of your sight. While parents cannot prevent their children from being harmed by any number of factors, it can be comforting to know that if you are physically present, you will have fewer reasons to worry that something negative might happen to your child that you could have ultimately prevented had you been right next to him or her.

However, parents cannot always be in the same space as their children. Not only do children need freedom to explore the world away from their parents, in the contexts of play dates, trips to grandma’s house and other normal activities, sometimes parents simply cannot physically be wherever their children are. For example, many New York parents work several days out of the week. When these parents go to work, they may drop their children off at day care centers.

Many day care centers in New York are fantastic, safe and kid-friendly establishments. But simply because a day care has a stellar reputation doesn’t mean that accidents cannot happen. If a care giver is negligent in his or her duties for even a moment, your child may suffer injury or even death as a result of that lapse in judgment.

If your child has been harmed as a result of day care negligence, it is important that you understand that legal options are available to you. It is possible to sue for damages that will help to cover your child’s medical costs. These damages may also help to deter similar accidents from ever again occurring. Please, if your child has been harmed at his or her home-away-from-home, consider speaking to an attorney about your situation.

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