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NYC is the deadliest large metropolitan area for pedestrians

We frequently write about the hazards associated with New York City’s crosswalk culture. Unfortunately, a new study has confirmed what many New Yorkers already suspected. When compared with all the other large metropolitan areas in the United States, the area encompassing New York City, Long Island and Northern New Jersey is the deadliest in terms of fatal pedestrian accidents.

Stay safe while traveling this busy holiday weekend

Auto club AAA estimates that more than 31 million Americans will be traveling a minimum of 50 miles in their motor vehicles during this Memorial Day weekend. This extremely busy weekend is traditionally hazardous for travelers, as a much higher rate of motor vehicle accidents generally, fatal accidents and drunk driving accidents occur on U.S. roads during this period of time each year.

As Congress stalls, risk for defect-related car accidents remains

When an auto manufacturer or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) learns about an auto-related defect that could compromise the safety of American motorists, a recall is generally initiated. The recall process serves to notify the public of danger associated with defective products and to fix any given safety hazard. When recalls are announced in a timely manner and consumers similarly respond in a timely manner, the recall process can be effective in preventing defect-related harm and injury.

Andrew Smiley Quoted by Consumer Eagle for a Personal Trainer Negligence Article

Last month, Mr. Andrew Smiley was asked to contribute to an article at Consumer Eagle about how personal trainers don't have an official competency minimum when being employed in these positions, and the dangers that arise from such a situation.

New York nurse practitioner bill could affect patient safety

Last month, New York became the 17th state in the nation to grant nurse practitioners the authority to provide patients with primary care without the oversight of licensed physicians. This bill was partially inspired by the fact that many individuals lack access to consistently reliable primary care. As a result, the passage of this bill served its purpose. But will it ultimately serve patients for the better?

Honoring North American Occupational Safety and Health Week

Today marks the beginning of this year’s North American Occupational Safety and Health Week. This observance will continue through May 10. Although the keynote presentation tied to this observance will be held in Washington D.C. later this week, New Yorkers can certainly honor this important week in their own ways.

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