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Trying to level the drug safety playing field

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers of name-brand pharmaceuticals to thoroughly outfit their products with warnings of every possible serious side effect that may result from use of these prescription products. However, even in the face of these strict requirements, drugs can prove to be more dangerous than they were originally thought to be. Drugs like Fosamax have had to have their warning labels updated after devastating side effects have been discovered in patients.

Beware of ice falling from New York's skyscrapers

This winter has been one of the most hazardous that New York has experienced in years. Between the cold, the wind and the snow accumulation, roads have been treacherous, sidewalks have been perilous and now even standing still can cause New Yorkers to suffer harm, depending on where they choose to stand.

Falls now cause highest rate of spinal cord injuries

A recently released study conducted by experts at Johns Hopkins indicates that motor vehicle accidents are no longer the primary cause of a certain class of injuries. Traumatic spinal cord injuries have long been most associated with motor vehicle accidents. However, the Johns Hopkins research concludes that falls are now the primary cause of these kinds of potentially life-altering injuries.

Why New York lawmakers need to crack down on reckless driving

Late last month, The New York Times published a piece written by a man whose 9-year-old nephew Cooper had been struck by a car while he and his father were walking in a crosswalk during a time in which the “walk” sign was illuminated. Though the boy’s father suffered only minor physical injury, Cooper died instantly as a result of the impact. The driver who stuck this young boy and his father was not drunk at the time of the collision.

Shopping carts severely injure thousands of kids annually

Shopping carts are incredibly convenient. When parents are shopping with small children, they can seat their little ones inside these contraptions and shop without fear of their kids wandering off. In addition, shopping carts can help consumers immensely when they are shopping for bulky items, heavy items and more than a few small items at a time. Yet, for all the benefits of shopping carts, they pose one significant hazard.

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