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Staying safe on New York roads over the next few days

The holiday season is often a time to celebrate the good things in life with loved ones. However, it is also too often a time in which loved ones must mourn the loss of family and friends lost in motor vehicle accidents. Even as the Christmas and New Year’s holidays inspire a sense of joy and peace, they also traditionally inspire severe spikes in fatal accident rates nationwide. As a result, it is important that you take precautions in order to remain as safe as possible over the coming week.

Important construction fall-related safety basics for workers

Construction in New York City is a unique practice. No other city in America is as populated, as dense and contains so many massive structures. As a result, the kinds of construction accidents that tend to befall workers in New York are somewhat unique as well. It is for this reason that construction workers in New York must advocate on their own behalf if basic safety protocols are not being properly followed on any sites they are working on.

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