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Lawsuit aims to kick start backover accident safety rules

If technology was readily available that would make cars safer for drivers and pedestrians, wouldn't it only make sense for that technology to be installed on all new cars? That is a question that was once asked about air bags. The same question was also asked about seat belts before that. Now, consumer safety advocates are asking this very question about equipment designed to prevent backover accidents.

Most recent 9/11-related cancer statistics released

Last week, New Yorkers observed the loss that the city and the nation suffered on September 11, 2001. The memory of those who perished and the devastation experienced by loved ones of the victims will never be forgotten. However, the challenges that some first responders, Ground Zero construction site workers and lower Manhattan residents have been forced to endure have not remained squarely in the public consciousness.

New Yorkers to be held liable for sending texts while stationary?

We have previously written about how dangerous it is for motorists to read, type and send texts while they are driving. In fact, distracted driving is now the primary cause of car accidents in the United States. It is understandable that lawmakers are cracking down on texting while driving specifically and distracted driving behaviors generally. But should they be cracking down on those texters who send messages to drivers behind the wheel? There is nothing illegal about that, right?

Nurse understaffing is a critical patient safety issue

We frequently write about how critical it is that physicians must exercise a proper standard of care in regards to their patients. If physicians fail to diagnose patients properly, fail to order necessary tests and treatments or fail their patients in a host of other ways, patients can suffer devastating and even deadly consequences. However, physicians are not the only healthcare providers bound by a certain standard of care.

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