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Cumulative radiation concerns prompt study and outreach

Though radiation-based testing is often necessary to obtain a correct diagnosis and treatment plan, unnecessary radiation exposure can lead to serious health consequences. When doctors misread x-rays, are given incomplete images or are otherwise compelled to order additional radiation-based tests, a patient’s exposure to radiation can add up quickly. In addition, radiation exposure also builds over a lifetime and can exceed safe limits if not correctly monitored.

Why New York distracted driving laws are surprisingly ineffectual

Over the past few years, Americans have slowly begun to understand just how hazardous distracted driving truly is. It has become a well known fact that distracted driving behaviors are now the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents nationwide. And yet, individuals continue to text behind the wheel and engage in other potentially deadly distracting behaviors unrelentingly. New York and other states have enacted laws designed to curb this kind of behavior. So why aren't these laws working effectively?

Cycling accidents: Most head injuries of all sports collisions

As New York City residents adjust to the presence of the Citi Bike program on their already overcrowded streets, many safety concerns have been voiced over whether it is ultimately good for the city to have so many cyclists influencing its crosswalk culture. There are many reasons why a strong cycling presence is good for the city. But is cycling ultimately good for riders?

Resident hour restrictions for patient safety may be backfiring

A few years ago, a medical oversight board took action it believed would help reduce medical error rates among young physicians pursuing their residencies. In a dramatic shift away from traditional “sink or swim” teaching practices, the oversight board reduced the number of hours residents could work without sleep from 30 hour shifts to 16 hour shifts. The medical community has been in disagreement ever since about whether or not this move constitutes both appropriate and positive change overall.

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