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When Fast Delivery Means Danger for Cyclists

Listing the ways in which New York is both unique and truly great would require far more time and space than a blog post could occupy. Because it is not just the individual museums and monuments, theaters and restaurants, stores and green spaces that define the wonder of NYC. It is also the little things. Like, being able to get piping hot pizza delivered to your door at two in the morning by an optimistic young struggling actor traveling by bicycle.

Eleven Years Later, Cancer is Officially Tied to 9/11 Attack Aftermath

Today, people all across America are honoring and reflecting upon September 11, 2001. From California to Florida, Minnesota to Louisiana, Americans across the nation have been affected deeply by the events of that day. However, the New Yorkers who saw, heard, smelled and fled from the chaos reflect in unique ways. As do those who ran into the devastation, rather than away from it.

Majority of crash fatality victims have drugs or alcohol in their blood

We have previously written about the ways in which New York's "crosswalk culture" contributes to accidents of all kinds. When so many people in cars, buses, trucks and on bicycle and foot are jockeying for the same space, safety corners get cut and people get hurt or killed all too often.

Pedestrians: Cross at the Intersection or Risk a Severe Accident

To describe the situation mildly, the streets of Manhattan are a busy place. It is tempting for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike to cut corners when following the law of the road in order to get where they need to go on time. However, a recent study indicates that cutting such corners, including crossing the street at any place other than the intersection, greatly increases the likelihood that you will be involved in pedestrian accidents.

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