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Toyota Recall Product Liability Lawsuits

Please see video above to hear what I have to say about the Toyota Recall Lawsuits I like this article from Toyota Recall Lawsuits: a Rundown By Joel Zand on February 12, 2010 4:08 PM | With millions of Toyota cars, SUVs, and trucks recalled by the Japanese automaker, FindLaw obtained a number of lawsuits that have been filed against Toyota around the country. Here's a quick overview of allegations raised in some of these recall lawsuits: o Wrongful Death. Some lawsuits charge that family members died because of unintentional or sudden acceleration that caused Toyota drivers to crash and lose their lives. o Sudden or Unintended Acceleration. Toyota and Lexus owners are claiming that their cars accelerated when their feet were on the brakes, or during their normal driving. o Electronic Throttle Control System ('ETCS-i' or 'ETCS') defects. Owners allege that the electronic systems of their Toyota's lack a failsafe that can override an electronic defect when their accelerator or gas pedal is pushed. o Fraud. Owners charge that they are victims of Toyota's alleged fraud in selling them defective cars that were supposed to be safe. o Negligence, Defective Product and Product Liability Claims. Toyota owners charge that they are driving defective cars that Toyota negligently manufactured. o Breach of Warranty. Many lawsuits allege that Toyota breached implied and express warranties that it gave owners, i.e., that their cars would be fit to drive, and due so safely. It appears that most of the lawsuits were filed in federal courts in an effort to get as many potential plaintiffs across the country as possible. Others Toyota lawsuits were filed in state courts like California and Texas. One Toyota owner even sued near Detroit, the Motor City.

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I would say that Toyota did a pretty good job of recovering from all the recalls and the declining image.

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